Prices of accommodation at UCT Prague

Valid from 1. 2. 2024

Type of room Sázava residence hall Volha residence hall
One-bed room in an accommodation unit * 232 CZK 223 CZK
Two-bed room in an accommodation unit 165 CZK 165 CZK
Three-bed room in an accommodation unit X** 137 CZK
Separate one-bed room *** 239 CZK X**
Separate two-bed room *** 189 CZK 189 CZK

*) Accommodation unit designates 2 rooms with shared sanitary facilities (separate WC and bathroom),
**) This room type is not available in this particular building,
***) A separate room means a room with its own sanitary facilities,

Prices apply to university students and UCT Prague employee.
The price includes VAT and a connection to the computer network of UCT Prague, STA and installation of your own electrical appliances if those are permitted.
If the capacity options enable to accept a request for a single place in a two-bed room, an extra fee of 50% shall be charged for the free bed.

Price list of fees valid from 1.9.2023