Camping site Běstvina

Camping site Běstvina is a property of UCT Prague and has been managed by AUF since 1. 7. 2018. Due to its current state, all the facilities are planned to be gradually renewed.

The camp site is located in beautiful and peaceful surroundings near the protected landscape area of Železné hory (10 km from the town of Golčův Jeníkov,
6 km from the Seč dam 10 km from the castle of Žleby. The capacity of the camp is 160 beds (cottages, log cabins and a lodging house). The camp also offers plenty of sports grounds and places for relaxation and rest such as the nearby lake and abundant opportunities for tourism and cyclotourism as well as sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

The camp site is sure to find its place in organizing traditional chemical and biological camps and other university events (such as get-together parties for new students, training of sport clubs, recreation of employees, summer camps for children, and various faculty and department events, etc.). The Charles University and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague belong among many traditional partners that are likely to participate in active using the Běstvina camping grounds.

Cancellation conditions

Operating rules

Price list

  • - Own tents can be set up on the camp premises only with the consent of and at the place designated by the manager of the camp facilities; in this case the price is set to 80 CZK/ person/ day.
  • - Catering services can be provided on the basis of an individual request made by the customer.
  • - Use of all other shared premises in the area (playground, parking, club rooms, dining room, etc.) is included in the price for accommodation.
  • - If you are just interested in renting selected areas of the complex without accommodation, the actual price will be determined by agreement.
  • - The additional fee for the stay charged according to local regulations is not included in the price and applies only to persons over 18 years of age.
  • - Children under 3 stay for free.
  • - The listed prices include VAT.
Valid from 1. 4. 2024
Price for accommodation 1 person / day when ordering up to 50 people 200 CZK
Price for accommodation 1 person / day when ordering from 51 to 100 people 180 CZK
Price for accommodation 1 person / day when ordering over 100 people 160 CZK
Kitchen rental including equipment and energy / day 1.500 CZK


Táborová základna VŠCHT v Praze - Běstvina

Běstvina 538 45, 155

Detailed information and reservation:
tel.: +420 220 447 206

Manager of facility:

tel.: +420 469 662 131
mobil: +420 608 924 175

GPS coordinates:


More information and reservations:
tel.: +420 220 447 206
tel.: +420 220 447 126