Hall of Residence Volha

Volha Residence Hall resembles hotel accommodation more than typical university dormitory – and that in all respects: its look, room equipment etc. In the entrance hall there is a reception, comfortable sofas with WiFi connection, and you can buy some refreshment such as coffee or baguettes (dispenser) there. The entrance hall also contains a vending machine where city transport tickets can be bought. Nearby is a new shopping center with a Billa supermarket and other shops. Also, the building provides bicycle and luggage storage.

The rooms are divided into the rooms for hotel guests and the rooms for long-term accommodation (i.e. accommodation lasting more than 30 days) for students and other guests. Hotel rooms here are one-, two- and three-bed of a unit type, which means two rooms share an entrance hall with a fridge, electric kettle, sanitary facilities (shower and toilet). A free WiFi and a TV set can be found in every hotel room. An apartment is also available including a living room (with a TV set, a balcony and an option to add to extra beds by unfolding a sofa-bed), a bed room (with 2 separate beds), a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Every floor has a shared kitchen with basic dishes.

Rooms for clients accommodated long-term are mostly of a unit type, which means that two rooms share an entrance hall with a fridge and sanitary facilities (shower and toilet). The rooms are equipped with beds, wardrobes and a writing table with a chair. Each floor shares a kitchen, not equipped with dishes. This type of accommodation is also used for short-term (hotel) accommodation in the summer months (July, August).

Free Wi-Fi is available at the hotel. Wi-Fi network called Volha-guest.