Price list of accommodation fee in the UCT Prague Halls of Residence

Valid from 1. 7. 2019

Room type Residence Hall Sázava Residence Hall Volha
One-bedded room in a unit* 152 CZK 146 CZK
Two-bedded room in a unit (renewed) 107 CZK 107 CZK
Two-bedded room in a unit
99 CZK X**
Three-bedded room in a unit X** 89 CZK
Separate one-bedded room*** 156 CZK X**
Separate two-bedded room*** 124 CZK 124 CZK

*)     a unit means two rooms with a shared sanitary facility (separate toilet and bathroom),
**)   this type of room is not available in the given building
***) a separate room means a room with its own sanitary facility (not shared)

  • Prices apply to university students and UCT Prague employees.
  • Prices include VAT and a connection to the PC network, a shared TV aerial and connection of clients´own electric appliances which are permitted there.
  • If, for the capacity reasons, it is possible to satisfy the client’s request for separate accommodation in a two-bedded room, there will be charged a 50% fee for the non-occupied bed.