Krušné hory, Jáchymov, recreation and training facility

The facility is situated near the centre of Jáchymov in Krušné hory. Its location is ideal as a departure point for tourism and cyclo-tourism. Tourists frequently head for a near Klínovec summit which is a popular resort for winter sports. A funicular leads there directly from Jáchymov. Jáchymov spa offers a variety of treatment procedures and wellness programs. Visitors may also use a newly-built indoor aqua-park.

The freshly renewed recreation facility offers its guests accommodation in two-bedded and four-bedded rooms with a sanitary facility and with a possibility of extra-beds. Each floor has a fully equipped kitchen. In the building there are available 11 rooms with the total capacity of 26 beds. Guests may also use two lobbies with TV. There is also available a spacious storage room for skis (bicycles). In the neighbourhood there are restaurants with favourable catering services.

Fotogalerie Krušné hory Jáchymov

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