Volha - long-term accommodation

Volha offers a long-term accommodation primarily to students of the UCT Prague; possible free capacity is then filled with students from other universities and high schools or even non-students. Accommodation is here possible during the entire year. The term “long-term accommodation” designates any stay lasting longer than 30 days.

Room description

Most rooms are of a unit type, i.e. two rooms share an entrance hall with a fridge, a shower unit and a toilet.

Room equipment

Rooms for clients staying long-term are equipped with beds, wardrobes, a desk and a chair. In the unit there is a fridge. A kitchen is a shared one on the floor and is only equipped with basic dishes.

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University canteen

The university canteen complies with all requirements necessary for a modern catering facility and has a capacity of about 200 seats. The canteen provides all-day catering services - breakfast (for groups of more than 15 persons), lunch (also for individuals) and dinner (for groups of more than 15 persons), including additional sale. Everyday we offer not only four kinds of prepared meals but also order meals. Meals are dispensed via the no-order-needed system, but it is also possible to order particular meals in advance. Actual dispensing of meals is realised via the self-service system.

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In rooms there is an internet connection, a WiFi connection is available in the entrance hall where you can sit in comfortable seats and also buy some refreshments – coffee, baguettes, ice-cream (machine).

In rooms there are telephones. After a PIN code is assigned to you, a direct connection is possible. A connection for satellite TV is available in each room. You can also borrow an iron, a vacuum cleaner or a laundry (for free). In the hotel lobby there is a machine selling tickets for public transport. We also offer storage rooms for bicycles and luggage (for free).

On the premises of the campus you can find hairdresser, cosmetic studio, Relax studio, ATM, a few restaurants, playgrounds, tennis courts, PC shop and also conference centre.

Other services available nearby include: post office, pharmacy, ATM, doctor (health centre), shopping centre, underground, public transport, vet etc.


We offer a long-term accommodation for both university and high-school students and even for non students in case of free capacity. As for companies we also offer a long-term accommodation to their employees for very favourable prices.

Prices of long-term accommodation are different for students and other clients.