The conference centre has two small rooms and one large room (one of the small rooms can be interconnected with the large one), a lounge with a bar, a cloakroom and sanitary facilities. All 3 rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual systems and a WiFi connection. All the rooms have air-conditioning.

Large room (B+C)

The large room with the capacity of 75 seats (arrangement „school“) /99 seats (arrangement „cinema“) can be operatively divided into two separate rooms with the capacity of 42 seats (school)/64 seats (cinema) and 24 seats (school)/32 seats (cinema). Both of the rooms have projections screens, flipcharts and whiteboards.

For presentations, seminars and conferences it is possible to use an over-head projector or a data projector which can transfer images from notebooks, DVD or VCR.

The audiovisual system can be used one and the same for both of the rooms or separate systems for each room.

Small separate room (A)

The small room has a capacity of 24/32 seats and is equipped with the same audiovisual system as the large room. Additionally, it has a spatial sound set for home cinema and a visualizer.


For refreshment and during breaks it is possible to use a bar and a lounge.


Konferenční centrum plánek